Illinois (2 opportunities)

1.  Washington, IL. Sale due to unexpected death of practitioner. Associate doctor in place. Established 25 years. Skilled staff. Manual/Act./Tho., also therapies. Sale includes professional building. Attractively furnished. Prime location next to bank and church.

2. Chicago loop. Div./Tho./Act. also rehab. 18 production hours per week, very busy solid practice, steady growth. Very low overhead. Sale includes practice, equipment, furnishings, accounts receivable, and seller assistance for smooth transition.  

Iowa (2 opportunities) 

1. West of Ames. Attractive office in prosperous city. 3 days/week. Priced at only $35,000. 

2. Northwest IA near Sioux Falls.  Part-time practice, full-time demand! Excellent opportunity with exceptional location and attractive leasehold improvements. Activator and Diversified. Asking only $50,000.

Minnesota (8 opportunities)

1. Plymouth. Part-time practice. Nice, bright office! Established 7 years. Priced for quick sale at only $22,500!

2. Maple Grove area. Prime location in upscale area near 494 & I-94. 2016 gross $395,249. 2017 gross $400,000+. Low overhead. Excellent payor mix. Diversified/M.T.  Average 120-130 pv/week. Steady growth with high n.p. count.

3. 30 miles northwest of Mankato. Well established and nicely furnished practice. Approximately $100,000 gross, low overhead. Doctor retiring. Excellent opportunity priced to sell at only $19,000.

4. Eagan. Family practice with emphasis on female care and pediatrics.  Part-time practice, full-time demand! Solid referral practice with skilled staff. Asking only $84,000. Financing available.

5. Southwest of metro 1 hour. Prosperous small community. Excellent lease, attractive office. Busy 3 days/week. Asking $68,000 including equipment and furnishings. Financing available.

6. Mendota Heights.  1,200 sq ft in popular upscale center. Div., manual, act., also modalities hydroculator, ice, EMS, acup, and ultrasound. Excellent insurance/cash mix. $138,126 gross.  $49,000 net. Priced to sell at only $58,000.

7. Stillwater area. Doctor retiring after 40 yrs in practice. Div./Act./therapies. Sale includes practice, equipment, land and building, accounts receivable, and seller transition assistance.Contract for Deed for qualified buyer.

8. Little Falls area. Beautiful office in prime location. Part-time practice, full-time demand! Excellent cash/payor profile. $157,942 gross, low overhead.

South of Omaha. Solid practice with low overhead. Part-time C.A. Div./FD/Act. Asking only $78,000 including seller assistance for smooth transition. Excellent financing available.

Southeast corner prosperous city. Tho./Div.Acup. therapies. Skilled staff. Excellent cash/insurance payor mix. $217,352 gross. Low overhead. Sale includes attractive free-standing building.

South Carolina
Spartanburg area. Solid part-time practice located off major highway in prime location. Full-time demand! Established 18 years. Full spine and instrument adjusting, trigger point. Cash/insurance mix. Asking only $72,500 including practice, equipment, accounts receivable, and seller transition assistance.

South Dakota (2 opportunities)  

1. Rapid City. Exceptional opportunity. Beautiful 1,680 sq ft office in professional bldg. Completely furnished and staffed. Gross $260,000. Solid family referral practice with excellent reputation. Priced below market value for quick sale at only $99,000. 

2. Prosperous city northwest of Sioux Falls. Div./Act. Part-time office, full-time demand. Sale includes attractive 1,800 sq ft bldg. All for only $130,000. Financing available.

Wisconsin (4 opportunities) 
1.  One hour southeast of Hudson. Solid practice with very low overhead. $750/mo rent. 1,800 sq. ft.  Div./Act., therapies. Good insurance/cash payor mix. Gross $258,944. Asking only $158,000. Financing available. 

2. One hour west of Madison located in progressive city. Gon./Div./Tho. practice established 34 yrs. Doctor retiring. Cash/insurance mix. Sale includes attractive free-standing building with apartment upstairs. Asking only $150,000. Financing available.

3.  Madison. Primarily cash practice established 14 yrs. Prime location. 3 1/2 days per week. Fully equipped. Div., Cox, F-D, also therapies. Skilled staff. Financing available.

4.  Oshkosh area. Diversified, primarily cash with ins. mix. $222,000 gross. $107,000 doctor income. Excellent lease. Prime location. Financing available.

Expert Guidance
"It seemed like we were never going to find the "right" practice for me, but after both hard work and dedication on your part, we finally did it. It made me sleep well at night knowing you were on my team" 
Understanding Needs
"Loren was thorough, kind, efficient and attending to our needs on an almost daily basis...He brings much ease into the process and is worth any expense for no hassle."
Negotiating Favorable Terms
"Your service was invaluable, especially in negotiating the price with favorable terms. I could not have done without your guidance and knowledge. "Thank you" does not even come close to how much I appreciated your help. You are the best!!"